Precise supply chain asset tracking and monitoring

Honeywell Connected Freight

Project Type
Business to Business

Supply Chain and Logistics

8 months — Working in 2 week agile sprints

Product Strategy, Experience Design, Mobile + Web Design, Persona analysis, Customer Journey maps, voice of customer, RITE testing


This product was designed for the logistics and supply chain industry. The product uses IoT devices to track the condition of assets as they travel through a supply chain. These sensors collect a variety of information such as shock, temperature, tilt, light, and humidity.

The delivered product was a unified experience on both mobile and web showing an asset as it went through its shipping journey – from point of origin to point of delivery.

Customers needed the product for compliance purposes – in the industry, there are several cases of fraud, theft, shipping mishaps, improper handling of packages, etc. A package touches multiple hands, from 3PL, 2PL, to last mile delivery. If something goes wrong in the process, a customer would like to know exactly what happened and where.

With our integrated solution, Honeywell’s customers are now able to:

  • Track an asset from packaging to delivery
  • Receive detailed analytics regarding how the package was handled
  • Receive real time updates, and resolve problems in real time

Audit trail for compliance and audit purposes

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