Simplifying Cryptocurrency Investing


Project Type
Business to Consumer

FinTech, Personal investing, cryptocurrency, Blockchain

6 months — Working in 2 week agile sprints

Strategy, pitch decks, product decks, product development, mobile user interfaces, user experience engineering, information architecture, persona analysis, customer journey maps, voice of customer surveys and interviews, RITE testing


This application makes investing in cryptocurrency easy – by rounding up checking account transactions to the nearest dollar, and automatically investing this into various crypto, users are able to frictionless start their crypto investing journey.

Our challenge was to design an application that would be extremely intuitive and user friendly. We wanted to create an inviting atmosphere for potential investors, and ensure the app didn’t create any stress. Cryptocurrency investing present day is still a challenge – user experience issues effect many companies, leading to poor user engagement and churn.

We worked with real users during the whole process to ensure our design decisions were informed.

Additionally, we worked with myCoinvest on their overall business strategy. They had immediate goals to receive investments from venture capital firms, as well as driving revenue with their application. We helped to ensure myCoinvest was targeting the right personas for their product, and what value it truly added. The CEO had a lot of incredible ideas – we helped to put data behind their merits, and come up with reasonable timelines to achieve revenue with lower hanging fruit, and work upwards.

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